Review for Heir War by Jill Williamson

Ladies and Gentleman, Part 2 of Jill Williamson’s new book, King’s Folly, is here and available on Kindle! If you haven’t read Darkness Reigns yet, download it for free here, or read my review here. I am super blessed to be a part of Jill’s launch team and to help introduce this series to the world. I received advanced copies of the books in exchange for my honest review of each individual part. Darkness Reigns, The Heir War, and The End of All Things (coming out March 29th) are all a part of Book 1 in her new series The Kinsman Chronicles, which is a prequel to the Blood of Kings trilogy. The worlds are very different, but if you loved Blood of Kings, you will love The Kinsman Chronicles. Read my review for Book 2 below. 

Have you ever been forced to take on a difficult responsibility to protect something that was important to you? Have you ever face a truth that was difficult to accept? Have you ever thought you were in control, only to realize you were under someone else’s control? These are the problems faced the characters in Heir War by Jill Williamson.
Wilek is captured by a Magonian Priestess with sinister designs on his future. She has been given the power of enchantment to control men, but why do her powers betray her at the most critical moments?  Wilek’s shield Kal, unaware that his master is missing, searches for someone who can interpret the ruin found next to Wilek’s dead concubine. In his search he meets a prophet who claims to know the reason for the natural disasters which are tearing the world apart. Meanwhile, Trevn conducts his own search, hoping to find something that will help his brother.  When a priest is murdered, Trevn wonders if the ruin is somehow connected.
Part two of the King’s Folly story really picks up the action. More twists, more turns, more characters addin. I never wanted to leave one character’s viewpoint until I read two or three lines into the next chapter. Then I would get sucked into the next story and would not want to leave that one. There are many viewpoints, but somehow it all fits together. I enjoyed watching Trevn’s character develop more in this story and I would have liked to see more of him. Still, I enjoyed getting to learn more about the other “supporting” characters.  We also get to meet Wilek’s sister in this episode. I look forward to seeing more of her in the next book.  Warning: if you thought Darkness Reigns ended on a cliffhanger, Heir War definitely does! I look forward with eager anticipation to The End of All Things.

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