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King’s Folly, by Jill Williamson is finally complete and available to the masses on Amazon,, and! Read my full review below and mark your calendars for April 22nd and April 30th.

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And now, for my full review of King’s Folly.

King's Folly (The Kinsman Chronicles, #1)King’s Folly by Jill Williamson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The kingdom of Armania experiences disaster after disaster. Earthquakes and sinkholes destroy entire villages. King Echad, believes that the gods are angry and require human sacrifices. But the offerings do not seem to appease the deities. Prince Wilek hopes to be named Heir to the throne soon so he can put an end to the ruthless executions and protect his people from the evil that is tearing his country apart. To appease his father and keep him from sacrificing more innocent victims, he plays the political games, but it is becoming more and more difficult to be diplomatic and follow his own conscience. When a concubine is murdered and found next to a forbidden ruin, he goes off in search of the meaning behind the ruin.

Prince Trevyn is an explorer and a scholar by nature and hates the political games of court. Like his brother, he cares nothing for the gods or his father’s superstitions. He seeks to distance himself from his father and brother Janek’s corrupt lifestyle, calling himself a renegade and freely speaking his opinions to whoever will listen. When he finds an old prophecy that speaks of a One True God, and prophecies about the end of the world, he finds himself in danger by people in the palace who would rather keep that prophecy hidden.
There are few books that captivate me like Jill Williamson’s. The way she crafts her complex plots, especially with so many characters, without losing her reader is nothing less than amazing. As with her other books, the characters in the King’s Folly go through a lot of development. Even as they move towards the truth, they remain very flawed individuals who make stupid mistakes. It was interesting to read about a heathen people in a world where the reader knows there is a True God, but the characters have not found Him yet.
Trevn is most definitely my favorite character. I loved watching him grow from renegade without a clear purpose, to someone who is growing into a leader. Though he is still far from comfortable with the idea, he stands up for what he believes in, even when it puts him in danger. He protects those he loves and goes to great lengths to find out the truth.
Wilek is well intentioned but is governed, to some extent, by his fears. This causes him to make decisions that will ultimately work against him and his goals. Still, he is good hearted and I look forward to seeing what the author will do with his character throughout the series.
The end of King’s Folly will leave you excited and frustrated and wanting more! You cannot help but feel for each of the characters and their individual storylines, which is remarkable because there are so many! I readily await the next installment of The Kinsman Chronicles, King’s Blood, and hope you will enjoy King’s Folly as much as I did!

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