A Pursuit of Home by Kristi Ann Hunter — Book Review

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I fell in love with Kristi Ann Hunter’s books earlier this summer when I
read An Uncommon Courtship, a book I had been eyeing for a while. After finishing that I quickly devoured ALL of her Hawthorne House series in an embarrassingly short amount of time. THEN I found The Haven Manor series.

Haven Manor has a more serious tone to it than the Hawthorne House series, with three women each in one way or another hiding from their pasts. What I loved about this series was the themes of redemption, and championing the causes of those without power that ran throughout each of these three stories.

Each story has been beautiful for its own reasons. That said, A Pursuit of Home is quite possibly my favorite of the trilogy. Here are five reasons I loved A Pursuit of Home.

1. Jess has been one of my favorite supporting characters since A Noble Masquerade (Book 1 of the Hawthorne House series, in which she shows up as a supporting character). Her slightly hostile, but fiercely loyal personality has been the cause for much amusement, especially in The Haven Manor series where we got to see a little bit more of her in each book. I enjoyed the opportunity to see a softer and more vulnerable side of her as we learn more about her backstory.

2. Derek is such a nerd and I love it! But he’s also not a pushover. He has his moral code and he sticks to it, even when circumstances confuse the lines a bit. He is a gentleman to the core, but I also loved that he’s not afraid to rattle Jess’ cage at times just for the fun of it.

3. Jess and Derek’s relationship development was the best!
First of all, love/hate relationships are one of my favorite tropes in fiction. This one was extremely well done because it really did take its time arriving at its final destination and the transition was so natural from two people who riled each other somewhat purposefully, to grudging respect, to a solid friendship, to love. None of the stages were rushed and I appreciated the fact that there was a solid friendship established first and foremost.

4. The treasure hunt aspect of the story was super fun. Whereas the first two books in this series center on Haven Manor and what that place meant to its occupants, this book took us outside Haven Manor’s walls and added an element of adventure and mystery that readers will enjoy.

5. The fictional history of Verbonne was very interesting and well crafted. I loved the tension between legend and real life.

If you love adventure, romance, fun back and forth banter, history, or if you just love Jess from the previous books, you will love this book!

Favorite Quotes

Jess is a mystery, and Derek loves to solve mysteries! When seeing Jess through other people’s eyes, most agree she is fiercely loyal, though everyone is a little bit afraid of her. When seeing Jess through Derek’s eyes you get to peel back some of the mystery to find out who she is beneath her tough facade.

I LOOOOOVE this quote! The unwrapping of personal history, and what it means to people living in the present was one of my favorite themes of the book!

Derek and Jess to their fair share of protecting each other in this story! This was one of my favorite scenes. I hope you love it as much as I did!

About the Author

Award winning author Kristi Ann Hunter had been losing herself in stories since before she could read them herself. Now she has the privilege of transporting readers into the Regency-set world of her own creation. With ten books published since 2015, including the acclaimed Hawthorne House series, Kristi has had a busy few years. When she isn’t writing, she hangs out with her children and husband in Georgia watching Marvel movies, trying to learn how to play Minecraft, and eating what some might consider an excessive amount of dark chocolate.


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