About the Blog

I love the idea of a scribe because a scribe is a recorder of important things. Scribes make sure events and people are remembered. Scribes are the reason we have physical copies of scripture. Scribes are the reason we know anything about history. Scribes, historically, were witness to some of the most important events that have shaped our world.

I believe storytellers are important people because they have the ability to communicate ancient truths straight to people’s heart through the art of story.

The main purpose of this blog is to help you meet these storytellers and to share what I have learned (or, oftentimes, re-learned) through reading these books that have touched my heart. But also, to reflect on my story as it relates to the Greater Story that God is telling every day. I hope you will join me, and perhaps reflect on your own story as well.

About the Scribe

I used to teach Middle School Humanities. Now I stay at home with my little boy. 🙂
I love stories (Disney, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Books, Movies, Plays, Songs, etc.).
I am introverted, but I love connection (#5 Enneagram, ISFJ Myers-Briggs, for those of you who are into that kind of thing).
I was homeschooled, the oldest of four children.
I married my college sweetheart…first relationship for both of us!
I. Love. Coffee! (and Dark Chocolate)
I love quiet mornings, cold weather, history, old buildings, libraries, and warm inviting spaces indoor or outdoor.
I do not love the summer. At all.
I am very good with details but need help with the big picture sometimes.
I am a Christian before I am anything else.

Welcome to my blog!